The best CustomerCare and support in the world. Standard.
What's the point of having the world's best mobile gantry crane if you can't operate it for lack of parts or service? Good service and support shouldn't be an option. That's why Shuttlelift has developed a comprehensive program to support every crane we sell with the best in parts, service, technical training and support. No matter where you are in the world, there's a Shuttlelift dealer and service team ready to provide you with the parts and service you need to get your crane back into operation with a minimum of down time.

Providing maximum operating efficiency from your Shuttlelift gantry crane requires more than great field support. It also requires operator and service training before the crane is ever put into service. This ensures safer operation and longer service life. When it comes to training, our staff and dealers are the best.

  • Genuine peace of mind with Shuttlelift's CustomerCare
    No one understands your Shuttlelift gantry crane better than our highly dedicated service team of lifting professionals. Trust the experts for convenient service.

  • Superior service and repair assistance
    Our service team is there to help you maintain and repair your equipment and minimize costly downtime. These highly trained and experienced lifting professionals have been hand-picked to provide exceptional customer service with care and integrity.

  • Worldwide support
    By working with our CustomerCare service team, you get the benefit of online parts ordering, customer service and support anywhere in the world you need it.

At Shuttlelift we take great pride in the quality construction of our cranes. That's why we offer a 1-year, 2000-hour limited warranty. Add our outstanding CustomerCare program and you've got the best built, best backed and best supported mobile gantry crane in the world. And it all comes as standard.

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